10 Interesting Facts About Mary Queen of Scots

Intrigued by Scottish royalty? Curious to learn about the history of Scotland’s monarchs? Then what better place to start than with this beloved land’s former leading lady. 

Arguable our most famous monarch, Mary Queen of Scots led an enchanted and enthralling life. From stage and screen to the history books, details of her regal life have been forever documented. 

But we decided to do a bit of digging ourselves to uncover a few details of her life that you may not know…

Mary became queen of Scotland when she was just 6 days old.

In an age when a woman was considered tall if she reached 5 feet 4 inches, Mary was 5 feet 11 inches.

Bucking tradition, she wore white for her first wedding.

She had a vacation cottage near St Andrew’s Golf Course and loved playing golf there. Stories suggest she coined the term “caddie” based on the military cadets who carried the clubs for royal players.

Her pet terrier was hiding under her skirts at her execution.

She used to wash her face in white wine.

Mary was fluent in Latin.

Mary changed the spelling of the family name from Stewart to Stuart to make it easier for the French to pronounce.

She was held prisoner by her cousin for nearly 20 years.

Mary Queen of Scots is buried at Westminster Abbey right next to Elizbaeth I.

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