Discover one of Scotland’s most fascinating cultural legacies

September’s Heartbox celebrates one of Scotland’s most fascinating cultural legacies, that of the Scottish Clans & Their Lands. Celebrated the world over, this cultural legacy still survives today. Whether you’re clan Mackenzie, MacDonald, or Macleod, or simply want to learn more about the political intrigue, action and of course romance of Outlander, you’ve come to the right place! Here we look at the great clans who helped shape the Scotland we know and love today.

Few aspects of Scottish history were as bloody, or as colourful, as our clans. From the Mackenzies to the MacDonalds, these family clans shaped our country and were involved in everything from battles to politics, supporting the Kings and Queens of Scotland’s past.

The origins of the Scottish Clans

Originating from the Gaelic word ‘clann’ meaning family or children, this word took on a deeper meaning for Scottish clans who although comprised of families, often used this term to reflect a kinship of people. With ancient origins in Norse, Celtic & Norse-French, the clans of the Highlands had grown firm roots by the 13 th century.

If you’re a fan of Outlander, you’ll likely be familiar with the integral role clans played, where anyone who pledged their allegiance to the Clan Chief would come under the protection of the clan and use the clan name as their own. Are you team Fraser or team Mackenzie?

As depicted in the show, the Highland Clans way of life was decimated after the massacre of the Jacobite troops at the Battle of Culloden in 1745. With the Highland evictions that followed, many Scots found themselves living on the other side of the globe. Where we once witnessed Clans living throughout the Highlands, families were now separated by oceans.

A cultural legacy that still survives today

The legacy left behind by our beloved Highland clans is still treasured today. In fact, over 100,000 clan members can be found in America, where over 300 Highland Games are hosted each year! Our September box celebrates this rich heritage, of bold tartans and ringing bagpipes. It may even get you one step closer to becoming a Lady or Laird of Scotland. One thing’s for sure, our stunning selection of artisan Scottish products will be winging their way to their forever home shortly!