A wee love letter to Edinburgh

If you haven’t visited our picturesque capital, prepare yourself for castles, restaurants and all the culture you can handle! Edinburgh is a city that begs to be discovered, packed full of quirky, secret nooks that tempt you to keep exploring just that little bit further.
However, the true character of Edinburgh can’t be measured by its landmarks and attractions, but by the warmth of its people, the wonderful, tranquil green open spaces in the heart of our city and the wee hidden gems just waiting to be discovered in its labyrinth of side streets. You won’t find this in a simple guidebook, instead, it’s the friendly and welcoming locals that hold the key to discovering Edinburgh’s secret treasures.

Discover Edinburgh’s Stunning Scenery

Edinburgh is truly one of Europe’s most stunning cities, with a dramatic cityscape draped across a series of rocky hills. This historic town is deeply entwined with its landscape, with majestic monuments and beautiful buildings perched atop crags and dwarfed by soaring cliffs.
From the city’s Old Town, where you can expect to see a wonderful jumble of medieval tenements towering along the Royal Mile, to the Georgian New Town’s neat grid structure, the capital is a true tale of two cities, offering a constantly changing perspective and plenty of adventures for visitors and locals alike.

A Tale of Two Cities

A city of loud, crowded pubs, late night revelry, foul mouthed comedians and beer fuelled poets. Edinburgh is the city that tempted the famous Robert Louis Stevenson from his law lectures and it’s the city that plays host to the world’s biggest arts festival every summer. Like a beloved book, Edinburgh is the kind of city that you’ll find yourself wanting to dip into again and again, savouring each wee visit and different experience – heading into the warmth of a café on a chill winter morning, watching the sun set over the city from Calton Hill’s pillared monuments and marvelling as fireworks crackle overhead and fill the night sky each Hogmanay.

Edinburgh is truly exquisite and in oor August Heartbox, we’ll be bringing the heartbeat of our wonderful capital city to you, wherever you may be.