A Wee Love Letter to Edinburgh

If you haven’t visited our picturesque capital, prepare yourself for castles, restaurants and all the culture you can handle! Our Scottish capital has all the splendour of a big city, with the charm of a quaint wee town. Completely modern in every way but with a fierce grip on its rich heritage, this city enchants visitors with ease and welcomes everyone with a wee dram.

Edinburgh is a city that begs to be discovered, packed full of quirky, secret nooks that tempt you to keep exploring just that little bit further. Here’s 5 reasons to visit Edinburgh Heartboxers!

Edinburgh is a true city of literature

Edinburgh is a true city of literature – in fact it was the very first city to be named a UNESCO city of literature. Visit the Scottish Poetry Library or even the National Library of Scotland or even the less well-known Museum of Writers and you’ll likely be amazed and astounded at the (very) long list of famed Scottish authors you can learn about – from J.K Rowling to Ian Rankin and Walter Scott, the list goes on and on…

It’s Two Towns for the Price of One

The wonderful contrast between the romantic, winding cobblestone streets of the Old Town and the neo classical architecture of the New Town might just make you feel as though you’ve been on two city breaks!

Ed Fringe

The biggest arts festival in the world, featuring over 50,000 performances! During August, Scotland capital is transformed into a thrilling city-wide celebration of the arts. Noisy, intoxicating and vibrant, Edinburgh becomes a place of revelry where you become caught up in watching up-and-coming comedians on the way to the shops or cosying up to some live music. Edinburgh in August is truly a sight to behold with comedy, dance and theatre available day and night!

The Architecture will take your breath away

From the famous Gothic spire named after Scotland beloved Sir Walter Scott that soars above Princes Street to the wonderfully picturesque Georgian houses in New Town; Edinburgh boasts some of the world’s most spectacular buildings. The turreted skyline is at its most beautiful at dusk – climb up to the top of Calton Hill and watch the sun set over the city.

The city’s rich history is visible everywhere

The Royal Mile’s cobbles are pounded by tourist footsteps each day but very few realise the forgotten world that lies beneath their feet. A trip to the hidden Mary King’s Close will quickly reveal Edinburgh’s rich history. Plagued by illness and poverty, the closes and buildings of years ago form the foundations of the city you know and love and gives you a wonderful insight into daily life in 17 th century Edinburgh.

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